Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Weekly Photo Challenge: Far and Near

One of the towers in one of Hong Kong’s bridges.

A view from an underground highway in Hong Kong.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


This is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth.

I took the shot in the garden of the Lake Sebu Tourist Lodge.

The photo shows that there is “growth” in all living entity. Growth is part of the life cycle, wherein biological entities are “born”, they then grow and “die”.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week’s photo challenge is about the meaning of inside. Of course “inside” has different meaning to different people. Like the photo above. I could surmise and ask “What’s inside her mind?”

Or I could ask, “What’s inside the cups?

Inside could also be outside. The photo was taken in front of the Quezon City Hall, they are outside, but what’s important

here is not what’s outside, but what’s inside their message.

The same with the picture above. They are outside but we could ask, what’s on the mind of the

persons taking the picture or what’s in the mind of those whose pictures are bing taken.

Inside can be literal too like the photo above, taken inside a foggy airplane before take off.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming


I took this photo early in the morning while walking on the beach of Brgy. Sogod in Albay, Bicol, Philippines.

Filipinos call the volcano Bulkang Mayon and is one of the active volcanoes in the region. I have yet to see a volcano as majestic as Mayon and you should visit the place to see for yourself. 

I have always been dreaming of visiting Bicol again because of such towering view of the volcano which is famous not only for its beauty but for the havoc it brought when it spews its deadly lava.